5 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

October 25, 2022

Written by Dorcas Obenewaa Owusu


So you want to make money from blogging. That’s a fantastic idea. But like every business, blogging requires an effective strategy in order to produce the desired results. Don’t be fooled by the posts that tell you it’s easy. It requires more than buying a domain and writing. Now let’s discuss five ways you can set your blog up for success before starting one.

Have a plan

If you’re blogging to earn passive income, then you need a plan to guide your efforts. Research on the target audience, topic, and the best platforms to share your content. For instance, food content performs well on video and photo based platforms. Like Tik Tok and Instagram.

Sharing links to your blog is great. But you have to come up with other ways to generate traffic and increase revenue. Determine the frequency of your posts and factor in automation tools.

Most importantly, have a realistic projection of how long it’ll take to start earning. Like I already said, making money from blogging doesn’t happen overnight.

Don’t forget about SEO

Imagine spending so much time writing, only for your work to be absent in search results. That’s why SEO exists to make it easy to find your blog.

Learn the basics and use it early on instead of treating it as an afterthought. True, there are tools that check your posts to ensure they’re properly optimized.

But it’s important to know how SEO works. Plus how you can take advantage of it to increase traffic to your blog

Be observant

Sometimes you don’t need a long list of ideas before writing your first post. All you have to do is to listen and observe.

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Be creative and use your content to provide real value. The value will in turn reward you with returns. How? Search the topic you’d be writing about on Google and social media platforms like Twitter

The search results will include questions, discussions and other info. Use these to create new ideas and write on them.  You can also try Answer The Public and Google Analytics to “listen” to what your audience want

Never stop learning

Starting the blog doesn’t end there. You have to learn continuously to get better at it.

Take free writing courses, study your competitors, and learn how to interact with your audience

After all, it’s a business. And businesses that don’t improve overtime fail


Look up other bloggers in your space and connect with them. Comment on their posts, shoot a dm, or send an email

Also, make yourself visible by participating in group discussions online

And that concludes it for today people. Let’s talk again some other time




















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