About Mesika

Hi, Isaac Sesi here. I created Mesika to be an online platform where young Ghanaians (and Africans) can access free, top quality resources on personal finance to help them become smarter about their money.

Here's why

One area that I have become passionate about is personal finance. I see how many young Ghanaians are lacking in the knowledge of how to be on top of their money affairs.

I have been very frustrated to see that most of the personal finance resources online have been written for a primarily western audience and a lot of these insights, while great, are often not applicable for the Ghanaian and African context. 

Out of this frustration, I built Mesika, to provide good quality content on personal finance tailored to Ghanaians.

My goal is that, through the content we publish and share on this platform, many young people will become more financially savvy and make smarter decisions that put them on the path to financial security.

Our mission: To help build the next generation of informed, financially savvy young Ghanaians.

How we are doing this

  • Creating great quality, well-researched written content on key areas around personal finance with a focus on making our content as practical as possible. We repurpose this content into other easily digestible media such as video and audio.
  • Creating and curating useful resources around personal finance including e-books, templates, tools, software and more, that people will find useful.
  • Building a community of highly engaged young people passionate about taking their personal finance to the next level and hosting events to bring this community together to learn and share.
  • Sourcing deals, offers and other opportunities that help our community save money and earn more.

Our Team

Isaac Sesi

Operations Lead, Editor

Amma Odamea Amoako

Digital Marketing Lead

Dorcas Obenewaa Owusu


Nana Elikem

Writer, Editor